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The purpose of this program is to empower your purpose for existence.

This is a community of pro-active people helping each other find the answers and bloom into their full power. 

In 3 months of High Power Sessions you get to be on an amazing journey to fulfill whatever you are up to and what is important to you.

You get to learn...


How to finally unravel the mysteries of your habits, patterns and old thoughts that are keeping you stuck.


How to identify and work with your unique emotions.


Learn how to trust Source and cultivate deep faith.


How to use the right tools and spiritual wisdom to accelerate your de-conditioning process.


Your unique decision-making strategy and how to use it to energetically align the money, the love, the health and relationships you’re seeking.


How to feel lovable, powerful, valuable, capable, courageous, decisive and wise.

This program is perfect for you if...

  • You are seeking connection to the Universe and harnessing its gifts. 

  • You would like to explore the pathway of your spirituality.

  • You would like answers to your challenges.

  • Perhaps, You would like to connect with someone who has transitioned.

  • If you have any of these goals, we invite you to join us.


  • Access and activate your untapped potential.

  • Find deeper connections in your relationships.

  • Expand visions, insights and abilities to see more choices.

  • Have total awareness of how to use your strengths to achieve your goals.

  • Have greater clarity and confidence during life’s big decisions.

  • Experience life with more joy, harmony and balance than ever before.

  • The Program Includes

    Weekly 1-hour Power-Up Sessions

    Private Group Chat

    Regular  Inspirational Newletter

    Access to 1 on 1 with Keidi

    Accountability Partner.

    Hi, I'm Keidi

    Over the past 10 years the Higher Advisory Team and myself have been obsessed with finding the most effective way to support people (YOU!) through the process of aligning with the highest expression of who they truly are. I know that it’s not as simple as just having a good “mindset”. I know that it’s not as simple as just bearing down and getting it done. (…definitely not a good way to try to meditate…)I know it’s not always simple.

    The research behind the science of transformation has grown exponentially in the last 15 years. I have new tools that help you change the hard-wiring of your brains and up level your DNA expression so that you can create better health, more motivation, deeper meaning and more juicy joy in your life.…a Deeper Spiritual Connection…

    Reviews from some of our students

    Keidi opened up avenues of insight that I was not seeing for myself. She helped me gain clarity about the way my body was holding specific energy and provided me with the right tools to move the energy. Keidi helped me weave my future into my awareness so I could start taking practical steps towards my mission.

    Selena Moon

    A boost of energy and motivation, slow and steady progress in all aspects of life worked upon, methods and tricks to use repeatedly that keep on helping!

    Sacha Rondeau

    I felt so loved and supported to have space to share and vent what was trapped inside. Keidi always instinctively knows what type of session will benefit and where to take the discussion for it to be fruitful for me. I left the last coaching session having felt lighter with tools to keep me on track and step into a place of peace and empowerment

    Elizabeth Crisante

    Coaching has helped me get more clear on taking small steps, one at a time, to move in the direction of my goals. 


    Keidi left me feeling energized with clear next steps that I could take to achieve my future potential.


    After 2 calls I feel that I'm more connected with my family. I did not have fear from them and I did understand them more now. I can see them more clearly now.


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